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Watch the SMUKKETT Collection Release Event Video

Lifestyle Watches by SMUKKETT  Timeless and elegant. Urban lifestyle watches by smukkett. No worries – we ship worldwide for free:– OUR MISSION –A unique, simple and elegant way of timekeeping. Detached from everyday stress without taking things too serious. In times of developing seasonal fancies and trends we want to remain atemporal. We want to be edgy and elegant, not force upon and provide the possiblity of calling pretty things ones own. Black is the new black. Always was. Always will be.Our products are timeless, simple and can easily stand against trends and seasonal styles. We emphasize quality and realiabilty with precision Quartz movements. We unite the sophisticated with the saucy, the beautiful with the dire, the worthy with the...

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New SMUKKETT Collection Release Event

First off: An enormous thank you to our friends at Hafven Pop-Up Café for hosting this amazing night- it's been a blast! Also, thanks a lot to our homies at Snapshotbox and our boy Glenn Garriock. Thanks for all the lovely memories! A few weeks ago we held our first public event to celebrate the arrival of our new SMUKKETT watch collection. It was an everlasting experience and impeccable party. Congrats again to our raffle winners: Fabio P. and Babsi H., enjoy your new timepieces. TL;DR – here are the pictures you guys have been waiting for. Have fun!                                                                    

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